U.S. occupation of Iraq

President Obama announced troop combat reductions in Iraq which will fullfil the SOFA argreement negotiated between President Bush and the Iraqi parliament and put an end to the U.S. combat presence in Iraq by the end of August 2010.

Amy Goodman intervued Jeremy Schahill on Democracy Now.

Schahill points out that we are seeing a rebranding of the U.S. occupation of Iraq wherein U.S. military forces are being replaced with private controactors and mercenaries.

Salient points include:

  • Secretary of State H. Clinton is requesting a substantial increase in State Department paramilitary forces. For example she is asking for 6-7000 paramilitaries to guard the U.S. embassy which is larger than Vatican City. This from a presidential candidate who said she would ban Blackwater and their ilk. Was she fibbing or is someone yanking her leash?
  • EPPs- enduring presence posts, the State Departemnt euphenism for former former U.S. military bases. which assist in the downgrading and rebranding of the U.S. occupation.
  • The State Department is requesting MRAP vehicles, armored vehicles, and Black Hawk helicopters in addition to paramilitaries.

George Bush couldn’t have accomplished this continued occupation by downsizing and rebradning in a slicker fashion than the Obama administration. Is this in accordance with the wishes of Obama or someone yanking his leash?

Listen to or read the interview.

Humanitarian situation left by seven years of U.S. on Iraqi citizens