The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy

The various problems that afflict the U.S. of A. will never be solved as long as money dictates the shape and range of legislation passed by Congress and/or advanced by the Presidency.

Campaign financing is central to the workings of this democracy and often or always allows only the freedom of speech by corporate interests with huge monetary muscles. The ‘common folk’ have little or nothing to say in the end.

Post on Frank Rich column, “Still the Best Congress Money Can Buy” of Nov. 28, 2010
Unemployment benefits not extended. Merry Christmas to all you suckers out there, yours truly, Republicans and rich Dems. By the way, we do want to extend billions of dolalrs in tax cuts to the filthy rich. Why? Because we are bought and sold by the rich.

Jan. 2011 – From a LSW post:

Claims that Obama will need to raise one billion dollars to fund his 2012 Presidential campaign when coupled with assertions that the majority of his 2008 campaign financing came not from individuals but by corporations, sometimes in the form of many small donations ‘disguised’ to look like donations from individuals (which LSW can not confirm was the case) could be one reason Obama has called for a cut in the U.S. corporate income tax rate. The effect on governing exerted by the need for large corporate campaign donations in whatever form bears watching.