Mr. T.’s Slimy Swamp Creatures

Mr. T. (also known in certain circles as humpty trumpty, who in this case has no wall) said he was going to drain the swamp during his election campaign. He failed to mention, however, that he would restock the swamp with even slimier swamp creatures. Here they are, those that LSW could gather up with limited resources, his cabinet as well as humpty trumpty’s daft associates and relatives.

Public Citizen tracks Trump Cabinet Picks

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New York Times cabinet lineup.

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Donald Trump has assembled the worst Cabinet in American history

Here’s the lineup with their respective rapsheets attached to each:

VP Mike Pense Koch Industries

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson

Secretary of Defense James Mad Dog Mattis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions:
From Public Citizen

a darling of the finance, insurance and real estate industries, among others

Sec of Labor Andy Puzder

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross

Secretary of Transportation Elain Chao

Sec of Energy Rick Pery

Sec of Health and Human Services Tom Price

Sec of Small Business Linda McMahon

National Economic Council Gary Cohn

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon

SEC Jay Clayton

Steven Mnuchin – Treasury Secretary nominee

Betsy DeVos – Education Secretary

Jared Kushner – advisor

Michael Thomas Flynn National Security Advisor