Net Neutrality

Net neutrality
From save the internet:

“Net Neutrality is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet.
Net Neutrality means that Internet service providers may not discriminate between different kinds of content and applications online. It guarantees a level playing field for all Web sites and Internet technologies.”

From an interview with Craig Aaron, managing director of the media reform group Free Press on Democracy Now about FCC proposals for net neutrality:

“unfortunately, these rules simply aren’t good enough. They’re half net neutrality or fake net neutrality, because they wouldn’t protect all internet users. For example, they would not protect wireless networks, so things that you would be prohibited from doing on your home wire line connection that companies couldn’t, say, discriminate or favor certain sites over the others, those protections are not extended to the wireless internet.

And unfortunately, this proposal appears to be riddled with loopholes that would open the door to all kinds of future abuses allowing companies like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, the big internet service providers, to decide which websites are going to work, which aren’t, and which are going to be able to get special treatment. Of course, that’s going to be their own websites and services, a few select giant corporate partners, with the effect of slowing down everybody else and creating that divided highway that we’ve been fighting against for years.”

LSW: the future of the Internet is thought to be in the wireless realm with hand-held devices, cell phones, iPads etc predicted to overtake stationary and laptop computers on the Internet. If true, the FCC proposals contain no rules for net neutrality on the Internet of the future, a future that is close at hand.