About LSW

I am neither journalist nor expert in any of the topics here. I am an avid follower of current events. My sources, revealing my tendencies, number the New York Review of Books, Democracy Now, The Morning Show and other programs on KPFA/Pacifica, plus a few NPR programs and BBC World Service offerings, as well as Informed Consent, Baseline Scenario, Dean Baker/CEPR, Foreign Policy in Focus, Climate Progress and others.

LSW is meant to be a tool for locating news events within the historical and geographical contexts in which they occur. I call the contexts ‘narratives’,  or stories.  The notion of ‘Narratives’ is quite handy. The placement of  a news story within a narrative offers the opportunity to understand and assess  the events depicticed in the news story.

By calling the contexts  ‘narratives’, I acknowledge that there exist other, competing or complementing, versions of the facts and their narratives. Should the reader not be in agreement with what is written here, by all means, argue, construct your own narratives, do your own research.

I am no expert in any of these fields.  Therefore I try to list the  sources I have used for the narratives.  Should any of the authors of the sources not agree with what is written here, or object to being used in this manner, please let me know and I will either change the narrative or get rid of it or both

The notion of ‘narratives’ conveys, as well, the pleasure of following developments as one follows plot twists and turns. If LSW does not convey the exitement of expanding horizons and understanding, then it is not working. 

Landed Series Wandering was the name of a less than successful piece of short fiction which I wrote some decades ago. A landed series is, as I recall, the name of a mathematical series. When I look up the phrase now, I find no mention of it. Although I like the idea of a fixed piece of knowledge loosened from its moorings and out for a walk, I nonethesless find it frustrating to not be able to remember the details of what I have read/heard, or to be able to remember where the information came from. This web site is both meant to be provide  a system for recording and accessing consumed information, as well as to place isolated ‘news dispatches’ in contexts which make them understandable.

LSW is a work in progress.  I am unsure of the best method to take care of this information and will fiddle, no doubt continuouisly, with the structure and function.

I have thought to use this ‘About LSW’ page as a means of recording the changes made and the thinking behind the changes. Posts will be used for this purpose, which will appear on the front page and be taken care of in the ‘about LSW’ posts.

The news items are displayed as blog posts and will contain a summary of the news item as well as my take on how the news item fits with the narrative context for the news item.
Going to try to set up a narrative, an update of the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as of Oct. 09 based on an article by Ahmed Rashid, in NY Review of Books.
I see that the Narrative pages should be flanked on the right by updates specific to the narrative in question. Not sure how to do that yet, technically. Until that particular knowledge enters my head, I will have to adjust the narrative itself manually.
Which I do now with this one. Oct. 20, 09