Iran, U.S. and Israel

An attack on Iran by Israel and/or the U.S. has been rumored to be in the offing for years. This page attempts to record the rumors/indications as they occur. Or perhaps it is the drumbeat for war that is being covered here.

November 2011

August 2010

The latest in this crescendo of voices is Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in the Atlantic, “Point of No Return.” As the title suggests, it essentially makes the case (though in an uncharacteristically subtle manner by neoconservative standards) that there are no choices left — war is a fait accompli, and the only question is whether it will be initiated by Israel or by the United States.

from an article on Salon by Trita Parsi.

The article is an extensive look at Goldberg’s article including a look at the threats felt by Israel and its military, a look at the long history of relations, sometimes peaceful and mutually beneficial and sometimes not, between Iran and Israel, as well as a look at the assorted American, Israeli, and Iranian personalities involved in the ebbs and crests of possible war between Israel/US and Iran.

He concludes:

“Rather than a factual, critical presentation of where Israel currently stands on Iran and why, Goldberg’s article is perhaps better understood as the starting salvo in a long-term campaign to create the necessary conditions for a future war with Iran.

Whether characterizing it as “mainstreaming war with Iran” or “making aggression respectable,” Goldberg’s article serves to create a false narrative that claims that the two failed meetings held between the U.S. and Iran last October constitute an exhaustion of diplomacy, that deems the Obama administration’s crippling, indiscriminate sanctions on Iran a failure only weeks after they’ve been imposed, and that then leaves only one option remaining on the table: an American or Israeli military strike. And on top of that, if President Obama doesn’t green light a bombing campaign, Israel will have no choice but to bomb itself, even though it isn’t well-equipped to do so, according to Goldberg.”

Parsi goes on to mention the possibility that Goldberg’s article is designed to put in place necessary momentum for an attack on Iran if and when a Republican president moves into the White House in 2012 as well as looking at the effects of an attack on Iran on its pro-democracy movement.

Read Parsi’s article.

November 2010 –

LSW’s piece on Juan Cole’s post on David Broder’s “How Obama might recover” article in which he talks up the idea of saving the U.S. economy and Obama’s presidency by putting the U.S. on war footing threatening to attack Iran.