Landed Series Wandering summer break

First, I would like to thank those who have written in with praise for LSW. Not sure how you all bumped into LSW but it is nice hearing from you. Praise is nice but critical comments regarding what is written here are welcome. Discussions would be super.

Realistically, I will have little time before August to use on posting on LSW so there will now be a break of almost two months.I am still unsatisfied with how LSW works, as it does not reflect my vision. So I will continue changing it in the fall in order to attain that vision of placing ”news events’ within suitable explanatory contexts, so as to try to make sense out of massive amounts of news tumbling over us daily and in order to create a way of following events as they disappear into media void-ness.

The last updates, while heartfelt, are not the type of postings that I envision. Look for something new in the fall, as well as RSS and other ways of following LSW.

Have a good summer, those of you living in conditions which allow such a notion to make sense.

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