Israel and the blockade

Juan Cole piece: Palestinians Need a State: Loosening Blockade is not Enough.

Sample quotes from this informative piece:

“In fact, the blockade is not the problem but is rather a symptom of the underlying issue, which is Palestinian statelessness. Gazans have no state. What the Israelis deign to call the ‘Hamas regime’ is no such thing because it lacks sovereignty, over its borders, air, sea, imports and exports. (The idea that Israel is ‘at war’ with its own occupied territory is laughable.)”

“To repeat: the Israeli blockade of Gaza is a war crime and it is harming the health and well-being of the Gazans. But it is not in and of itself the problem, such that easing the blockade solves anything fundamental. Incorporation of Gazans into a sovereign state such that they have citizenship and can exercise popular sovereignty is the key to any real advance.

It seems to me therefore less than earth-shaking that the White House is backing an internal Israeli inquiry into its fatal raid in international waters against an aid flotilla that aimed at helping the civilian population of the Gaza Strip.”

There is also attention paid to the health of the people living in Gaza (with referenced to reports from the International Committee of the Red Cross and Al Jazeera English), the political processes underway or half-underway or not underway at all, new aid flotillas in the offing etc.

For anyone interested in Israel, the Palestinians and the region, a must read.

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