The U.S. government and the BP Gulf catastrophe

One finds that the stomach knots up a little when Obama is heard expressing anger about BP’s Gulf catastrophe.

I believe that this drilling project was approved after Obama took office by his Minerals Management Service. Everyone knew that the MMS under Bush was literally in bed with the people who it was supposed to regulating, snorting coke with them and indulging in sex with the regulated. If I knew that then Obama knew it so it is not clear to me at least if any attempt was made to clean up the MMS after the Obama administration moved into Washington.

Evidently BP was not required to file any sort of contingency plan or backup plan or emergency plan. A ‘just do whatever you want’ approval. No environmental review was required for the drilling project.

The catastrophe is not only BP’s fault, it is the government’s fault as well. (If any of these assertions are incorrect please let me know). Obama can say whatever he wants but until the MMS is cleanup (AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ITS ACTIONS) he and his admninistration are as guilty as BP.

Obama’s moratorium on deep sea drilling is a start but it is perhaps time to stop deep sea drilling at all. It is perhaps time to commit to an emergency plan to replace hydrocarbons in the nation’s (and the world’s) energy portfolio, by means of private and governmental investments in research and existing alternative energy sources as well as tax policies designed to create a shift from hydrocarbons to other sources of energy.

Whistling in the dark, no doubt, but when will we stop polluting the planet and making it so hot that only the filthy rich will be able to live in comfort while the rest of us live off a decimated planet?

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