Israel after the massacre at sea

Many reports and commentators have mentioned the public relations difficulties arising from Israel’s attack on the flotilla in international waters. Seldom mentioned is the fact that murder was committed in international waters. Had any other nation, for example Iran, committed murder in international waters, ‘everyone’ would have been bellowing for an attack on them.

Israel’s problem is that they are never held accountable for their actions. Had Iran committed the same act all the type of mumble jumble now being issued by Israel (defense security ad infinitum) would have been dismissed. But Israel is never held to the same standards.

The U.S. is doing Israel a mjor disservice by not requiring accountability. By allowing Israel to act like a monster, they areweakening Israel. One day the U.S. won’t be there to support Israel militarily and financially. Already figures high up in the American military are saying that the U.S. support of Israel is creating problems the U.S. military.

At some point, AIPAC will not be able to create support for Israel within the American political establishment. Possibly campain finance reform will be enacted which takes all AIPAC’s money out of politics, thus depriving Israel of military funding and military equipment. Perhaps the American political system will lose its last shreds of democracy, slipping over into a form of corporate fascism, where money for running for office is no longer needed, thus leaving PACs like AIPAC out in the cold.

Where will that leave Israel? As an international criminal state with no allies. Facing the results of its own horrendous acts. Israel could have used the years since 1973 on trying to build healthy relations with the Palestenians based on mutual respect. Mutual economic support would have gone a long way to creating a sustainable political situation in the Middle East.

Attempting a peaceful coexistence, whatever the chances of success, would have serves Israel much better than this paranoid stumbling military behaviour. Who would have thought that the survivors of the Holocaust could have created such a state.

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