The workings of the Democratic party

This post is based entirely on a article, Power Struggle: Inside The Battle For The Soul Of The Democratic Party, on the Huffington Post.

The article provides a clear explanation of the Democratic Party’s conservative behavior. The Democratic party employs

“a conscious strategy to move the party to the right in order to take back the House and pad the majority. ”

“Since 1995, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus have collectively given $6.3 million directly to members of the Blue Dog and New Democrat coalitions, according to an analysis by the Huffington Post of data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.”

“The DCCC turns around and funnels that money to conservative Democrats in close races. Add to that the millions spent by organized labor and outside groups such as, and it’s clear that progressive donors have become major financial benefactors of the conservative Democrats who battled to undermine their agenda.”

The Democratic Party thus, in the name of attaining majorities in the Houses of Congress, have become a conservative party which undermines progressive issues.

“Democrats play it too safe, says Grijalva. “When I give my dues to the DCCC, or when you contribute to it, you have no distinction as to where your money is going to go. And it goes to front-liners and usually Blue Dogs and [they] usually vote against our issues. And that’s a real frustration. And usually, if there’s a progressive running, it’s the last consideration in terms of support,” he says.”

The article also provides a detailed look at how the Democrats of all stripes function in the legislative process, by looking at the passage of health care reform through the hallowed halls. In addition many Democrats are mentioned and, as the story progresses, shown how they function, according to their alliances with progressives, New Democrats or Blue Dogs.

A very enlightening piece which explains much about the Dems Republican-like actions in Congress.

LSW would also like to add that this is yet another case that nothing will ever change in any way that will further the dreams of people wishing to live full, safe, prosperous lives until money is removed from theAmerican political system.

A shout-out to Kris Welch on KPFA Pacific radio who brought article up on one of her shows, either Living Room or Saturday Morning Talkies.

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