Summary of site development these last months (first months of 2010)

About LSW narrative

The concrete realization of the notion of placing events in their natural contexts so as to explain both events and developments within the natural contexts (called narratives on LSW) proves to be a significant challenge.

Have tried different structures as well as a fast course in both PHP and WordPress. The latter attempts revealed the necessity for the use of considerable amounts of time which consequently resulted in less upkeep of the content.

Have decided to concentrate on the structure.

Have settled on, for the time being, two versions of a narrative, a long one and a short one. As first implemented on ‘The Obama admninhistration’ pages. The idea is to both provide a substantial narrative as well as a short one for those with short attention spans. ‘Substantial’ may well be ‘long winded’ as it is a LSW claim that the narrative is substantial, and LSW can also exhibit a lack of patience with the long-winded and/or substantial regarding other sites, thus the shorter version, which hopefully will lead to curiosity and a desire to read the extended play version.

The interplay between narratives and updates is not easily resolved. At this point, the solution will be links from the narrative pages to their updates, and links from a narrative’s update to its narrative.

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