More on the U.S. Israel dustup around Biden’s visit

An excellent post on the London Review bog site details some of the diplomatic and political machinery now in play between the U.S. and Israel.

Events of the last week have shown that Israel is not the strategic asset to the U.S. that the Israel lobby has long claimed but a strtegic liability. Biden reportedly told Netanyahu that Israel’s policies are threatening the lives of Americans fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and threatenin regional stability. Should this message get throught to the American public, “unconditional support for the Jewish state is likely to evaporate.”

Mark Perry reported that General David Petraeus sent a message to Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that ” ‘Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardising US standing in the region… and could cost American lives.’ ”

The article details the threats to the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel and the role played by the Israel lobby in the U.S., who in their defiant take-no-prisoners defense of Israel, no matter what the costs in terms of lives lost, diplomacy and international law violated, may be one of Israel’s biggest enemies, because it enables Israel to avoid being held accountable for its at times horrific use of power, thus allowing it to become an international oariah (the view of LSW, not of the blog post).

The post ends:
“…There will be more crises ahead, because a two-state solution is probably impossible at this point and ‘greater Israel’ is going to end up an apartheid state. The United States cannot support that outcome, however, partly for the strategic reasons that have been exposed by the present crisis, but also because apartheid is a morally reprehensible system that no decent American could openly embrace. Given its core values, how could the United States sustain a special relationship with an apartheid state? In short, America’s remarkably close relationship with Israel is now in trouble and this situation will only get worse.”

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