Israel disses the Obama administration again

From a McClatchy, article:

“President Barack Obama repeatedly had demanded a halt in settlement construction in order to revive the moribund peace negotiations.” And from same article: ” Hours after the arrival Tuesday of Vice President Joe Biden to help launch indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, Israel announced the construction of 1,600 homes in a settlement block in mostly Arab East Jerusalem, an open rebuff that led Biden to issue a sharply worded condemnation.”

While the Americans express optimism about new proximity talks (not sure what ‘proximity’ refers to), from same article:
“”I am very pleased that you and the Palestinian leadership have agreed to launch indirect talks. We hope that these talks will lead, and they must lead eventually, to negotiations and direct discussions between the parties,” Biden said.”, Haaretz writes:

“Even so, it is not as though anyone in the Palestinian Authority really believed Netanyahu, Lieberman, Barak et al wanted peace, even before this latest stunt. The Israeli government is doing all it can to prove that it is not interested in a final status agreement based on the 1967 borders (as demanded by the U.S. and the Palestinians). Defense Ministry sources have criticized the timing of the decision to build the homes in East Jerusalem, on the grounds that it is damaging. They seem to have forgotten, however, that a day before Defense Minister Ehud Barak had approved the construction of 110 housing units in Beitar Illit, a settlement for the ultra-Orthodox sandwiched between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

So what is Israel actually trying to achieve? Basically, nothing. There is a superficial peace process which is going nowhere but eases international pressure on Israel to reach a deal with the Palestinians (emphasis added by LSW). …. in general, the decision-making body in Israel regarding building over the Green Line has become deliberately destructive, and adopted a policy of “ya’ani” (Arabic slang for something which only gives an appearance of reality, a kind of “as if”).

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