Use of Drones

The drones are coming, the drones are coming.

It appears that the U.S. use of drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, to attack and kill Al Qaida and Taliban menbers is increasing, as evidenced by a sampling of news reports on drone attacks:

Despite warnings, military’s use of drones on the rise in Afghanistan
Washington Post – Joshua Partlow – ‎2 hours ago‎
It was one of two such drone attacks on the same day. Since taking over as the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal has cautioned his …
Drone attacks
US Kills 16 in Rare Afghanistan Drone Attacks Newser
2 drone strikes kill 16 insurgents in Afghanistan Los Angeles Times
RTT News – Monsters and

Suspected US drone strike kills 4 in Pakistan
Xinhua – Fang Yang – ‎Jan 10, 2010‎
But the drone attacks are fueling anti-American sentiments in Pakistan and Pakistani government seeks drone technology from the US authorities. …
US drone war delivers results, but at what price? AFP
Pakistan renews call for end to US drone strikes Reuters

Drone attacks raise troubling questions:

  • Do civilians like being killed, do they wish to cooperate with the invaders of their country who are killing their families?
  • How are the targets pøicked out? Can the schmuck sitting in Arizona, having said goodbye to his children as they go merrily off to school, see who exactly he is pinpointing on his video game monitor before he kills them and returns home for his dinner with his wife and kids?
  • Are the sources on the ground, both the inhabitants and military, reliable? Might the fingering of a target be a revenge action, a settling of a clan dispute, a means to take over the neighbours property?
  • No one is resonsible for the death of civilians. The killing inherent in war becomes too riskless and too easy. Both moral and practical barriers disappear, increasing the lilkelihood that the use of these instruments of destruction will increase, increasing in turn the likelihood that the recipients of these death dellivering missles will further resist and plan for revenge. Winning heats and minds has never been farther away. Blowback becomes ever more operative.
  • How many of us would appreciate being particpants in someone else’s video game and losing our parents and children to yet another schmuck sitting in the home country of the occupers of our country?
  • Drones are morally and practically reprehensible.
  • Stop using drones. You want to fight, go out and do it in person.

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