Christmas day attempted bombing

When I first became aware of the attempted downing of the Northwest plane from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas I thought of ABC’s report of a U.S.A. strike on Al Qaeda in Jemen.  A ‘terror’ action which would serve to underpin U.S. military action in Jemen, yet another Musllim country, along with Iraq and Afghanistan, in order to increase U.S. presence in the region, were thoughts that leapt to mind.

There was His Most Ludicrous JoLieb calling for yet another failed war. saying that “Iraq was yesterday’s war, Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war.” another call for preemptive action. Was Dick Cheney jerking his chain, and where was Dick on Christmas? Under the Christmas tree, celebrating yet another gift to his mad visions.

I thought, haven’t we seen this film before? Blown intelligence cooperation that could or would have led to the plot being dismantled. Failed airline security. Leaving the field of action open to another heavy handed miitary action in a poor failing country, allowing the establishment of yet another military presence?

Military action leads to the death of civians as it has in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, creating a potent pool of possible military recruits who want to strike back at the country who is killing their families and neighbours.

Only Dick and W. and Rummy could be so stupid as to commit the same criminal offenses yet again and we assume Obama is an intelligent man. Why then would he follow the course plotted out by his idiot predescessors?

It has been pointed out that he took many months to decide to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. The possibility emerges that he didn’t want to up the ante in Afghanistan but that the military industrial machine forced him to do it.

The same forces, as reorganized by the Bush administration, may be pressing for a continuation of the military geographic enlargement conducted by the former administration.

Much will be learned about the Obama administration as it deals with this obviously multfaceted tricky political situation. After the 911 attacks Seymour Hersch wrote an article in which he describes theories of who the ‘terrorists’ were. One subscribed to the idea that they were the equivalent of a pickup basketball team who got lucky and snuck through the deficiencies of our airline security. Could be that this attempted attack was of the same nature. the last time the U.S. launched failed but  enormous military actions, destroying two countries along the way and leaving behind large military bases.

The similarities have been noted by many others. How will this play out?

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