More on the cabinet and assorted Mr. T’s daft associates

For a succinct overview of Trump’s collection of shady, dark, and weird associates*, check out:

Trump’s Triumph of Incompetence by Nicholas Kristof.

Kristof is not alone in noting that

The Trump administration is increasingly showing itself to be breathtakingly incompetent, and that’s the real lesson of the collapse of the G.O.P. health care bill. The administration proved unable to organize its way out of a paper bag: After seven years of Republicans’ publicly loathing Obamacare, their repeal-replace bill failed after 18 days.


Whatever one thinks of Trump’s merits, this competence gap raises profound questions about our national direction. If the administration can’t repeal Obamacare — or manage friendly relations with allies like Mexico or Australia — how will it possibly accomplish something complicated like tax reform?

The whole article should be read. Other Trump notables such as mr fake news himself Michael Flynn (Michael Flynn quietly deletes fake news tweet about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in sex crimes, and the Gorka fellow, are mentioned, as well as Rick Perry who couldn’t remember the name of the department the astute Trumpster appointed him to lead. Then there are bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman and Jason Greenblatt another of the great Twit’s lawyers who are chosen to lead the Middle East to peace. While the latter two may be jolly fine fellows, they have little or no experience in politics or the Middle East.

Then there is Omarosa, reality show star, chosen by the wise one to be director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison for president Trump’s administration. Well, the WH could certainly use someone experienced in non-Trumpian communication.

In order to finish this post, I refer to another quote and turn things over to the reader:

So see the failure of the Republican health care bill through a larger prism: The measure collapsed not just because it was a dreadful bill (a tax cut for the wealthy financed by dropping health coverage for the needy). It also failed as a prime example of the Trump administration’s competence gap.

Sweet dreams and good luck with life in the U.S. of A. under its democratically chosen president.

*Phrase redone from a phrase in an Ana Navarro, a G.O.P. strategist, tweet: “Donald Trump attracts some of the shadiest, darkest, weirdest people around him.”

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