What Led Mr. T. to Twitter Storm about Obama

Good lord, y’all. Here is the chain reaction that led to Mr. T.’s twit storm about Obama ‘spying’ on him, him being Mr. T.himself (from a Yahoo article).

Louise Mensch, “a high-octane Oxford-educated former Tory politician turned journalist, who has authored a string of “chick lit” novels for young women, and is married to the manager of the rock bands Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers”, wrote an article back in November that apparently was picked up by a somewhat suspect web site, Heat Street.

And then there is the ever present scruffy Breitbart.

A Breitbart news story and timeline published last Friday, which was reportedly widely circulated by White House officials and given to the president, cites some of the same details that first appeared under Mensch’s byline. This includes her claim that the FBI had made an earlier request in June to conduct surveillance on Trump associates that was turned down by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that must approve such warrants.

Once again, y’all, read the article if you want to see how the morons who are supposedly running the U.S. of A. acquire the infromation they may or not be be using to make decisions that affect y’all.

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