A Certain Beauty Arises

…arises watching the presidency coming apart.

Why deny and then admit contacts with the Russians? Why not release tax returns if there is nothing to hide? Do we hear chants of “crooked donny, crooked donny” arising from the streets? Followed by rousing incantations of “lock him up”? Is turnabout fair play?

It would seem to this amateur observer that events enveloping the Trump posse in Russian activities take a familiar form of disintegration: First there is a scent of suspicion generated by a sliver of fact/evidence, which is denied and then the denial
is retracted battered by evidence to the contrary; Said intro is then followed by other charges of wrongdoing, similarly denied, similarly revealed or admitted to be true, and on and on until the denouement is encased in the iinevitable ‘it wasn’t the crime in itself but the attempt to hide it’.

  • Despite early denials, growing list of Trump camp contacts with Russians haunts White House.

  • Several, if not a myriad, of publications have lists and graphic representations of Trump associates who have connections with various Russian actors. Let us just mention Trump advisers Carter Page and J.D. Gordon, present Atty.Gen. Jeff Sessions (probably should never have left Alabama), the son-in-law Jared, former campaign manager Paul Manafort,
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