TGT’s salvos around the intelligence on Russian hacking

UPDATE Weds. Jan. 11, 17: We never found out what the Great Twitster knew that others didn’t know (see quote under). Instead, unsubstantiated news reports are circulating regarding unproven claims in ‘opposition research memos prepared mainly by a retired British intelligence operative for a Washington political and corporate research firm’. Some of the claims are: ‘merely titillating, others would amount to extremely serious, potentially treasonous acts.’ All quotes from New York Times.


“I also know things that other people don’t know…
Asked to elaborate, Mr. Trump just responded: “You’ll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday

Today is the Wednesday TGT referred to.


President-elect Donald J. Trump said Tuesday that intelligence officials had delayed briefing him on their conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and suggested, with no evidence, that they might be buying time to assemble a more substantial case.

TGT applies chaos theory of management once again. Confuse maximally and make a big mash up of all your plans to leave those foolish enough to follow the gibberish inside your head lost and dazed.

Continuing from the aforementioned NY Times article

He posted it as senior national security officials — including the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, and the director of national intelligence, James R. Clapper Jr. — were completing plans to travel to New York on Friday to brief him about their findings.

It was not clear whether a meeting to discuss the hacking had been scheduled for Tuesday or, if so, why it did not occur. But Mr. Trump’s insinuation was that intelligence officials were intentionally withholding information from him. For weeks, he has dismissed their findings and strongly criticized the intelligence agencies, saying they cannot be trusted because they were convinced, incorrectly, that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq before the United States’ 2003 invasion.

The CIA was not convinced about the existense of WMD in Iraq, George W. Bush’s CIA briefer admits Iraq WMD “intelligence” was a lie

The CIA did not get it wrong on the Iraq war which seems to be the common idea being casually used across the news networks these days. What seems to have happened is that the Bush administration put their own spin on the CIA intel looking for a way to convince public opinion as well as congress to get the U.S. into a war in Iraq. The reasons for this might well be manifold but certainly most wars involve money and Iraq was no different. Who profited from the war? Halliburton’s KBR, Inc. made $17.2 billion in Iraq war-related revenue. Exxon-Mobil, being the number 2 profiteer in the Iraq war, raked in $1.44 billion through its DynCorp subsidiary. Washington Group International made almost $1 billion from the war,…the list goes on and on. There was certainly a number of millionaires created from the Iraq war…which was paid for by American taxpayers and the lives of many of our brave young men & women..and needlessly, I might add.

Throw your tweets at Dick Cheney regarding the existence or not of WMD in Iraq. Not sure why we cannot remember this fact?

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