Grounds for impeachment already before inauguration?

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Trump is on target to violate the Constitution the moment he takes the oath of office

TGT (the great twit-ster) will not be able preserve, protect and defend the Constitution

As things stand now, President-elect Donald Trump has suggested he will not divest himself of a myriad of businesses around the globe that pose serious conflicts of interest, nor will he liquidate even foreign holdings, the proceeds of which would put him in violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution

In the context of Trump, they cite multiple sources of foreign revenue that on their face would, the moment Trump is inaugurated, put him in violation of the Constitution

The ‘they’ quoted here are Norman Eisen, Richard Painter and Laurence Tribe.

They then list multiple holdings that would provide prohibited revenue. (For example: “Trump International Hotel, a major new project in Washington, D.C. and a new hot spot for foreign diplomats”; “the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China—owned by the People’s Republic of China—is the single largest tenant in Trump Tower”; “even as debates rage over American/Russian relations and Russian cyberattacks on U.S. interests and even on the recent presidential election, it has been reported that Russian financiers play a significant (albeit concealed) role in Mr. Trump’s organization.”)

LSW wonders if the fact that Mr. Trump is unwilling to allow his tax returns to come out into the public light, is a simple admission to criminal conduct. How long will it be before the great-unwashed are on the street yelling, lock him up?


Grounds for impeachment already before inauguration :

Trump’s Business Empire Isn’t Just an Ethical Disaster

Mr. Trump’s business dealings’ putting him in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which prohibits government officials from accepting gifts and payments from foreign governments or corporations controlled by foreign governments. But there are other conflict-of-interest issues that have gotten less attention and could cause Mr. Trump — and America — much trouble as well. To prevent this, he must sell or give away his ownership interest in his global business empire as soon as possible.

Excellent article, detailing the problems of owning a business empire while holding the office of the presidency.

Examples of problems include the ethical problems of a president allowing his name to be used to brand commercial buildings in return for payment – does Trump want to be seen as a president being paid off?; the security risks of a Trump branded building being attacked and who would protect the building, who would pay for security, if a foreign government paid for security on a Trump branded and owned building is that not a violation of the Emoluments Clause?

The article contains several examples and insights and ends up suggesting:

For the good of the country, he should divest from his business empire as soon as possible, put the cash proceeds into United States treasury securities, broadly diversified mutual funds or a blind trust managed by an independent trustee, and then focus on being a good president.

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