North Carolina Senate and Governor races

Debora Ross could whomp on siting NC Sen. Burr thus both getting rid of a gun promoting fossil fuel promoting Trump supporter as well as “help change the ossified, obstructionist state of Senate politics.”


Ross lost,Burr won.

Ballotpedia writes:

Republican President-elect Donald Trump, who did not establish a strong ground game in the state, and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory (R), who was unpopular because of his stance on the state’s “bathroom bill,” complicated Burr’s path to re-election. Referring to Trump and McCrory, North Carolina GOP consultant Carter Wrenn said, “If it was a normal year, and it was just Richard and Deborah, you’d have to say Richard had a solid advantage.”[5]

With the uncertain political landscape in North Carolina—it was the only state that The Cook Political Report rated as a “toss-up” for president, Senate, and governor—outside Republican groups spent more money on attack ads in the state than they had initially planned for in an effort to maintain control of the Senate. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) ran ads attacking Ross for being “too liberal” for North Carolina by highlighting her career with the American Civil Liberties Union. The NRSC also created the site “Radical Ross” to showcase Ross’ stance on “countless radical, out-of-touch policies.”[6][7]

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