LSW Structure Completed

Finished with a renewal of of overall structure based on a dissatisfaction with the mess the site had become.

The ‘vision’ behind LSW is the placement of today’s ‘breaking ‘news’ events within a context of history and politics that allows events to become understandable.

The effort to stay abreast of ‘breaking news’ led, for awhile, to a mad dash of noting events and half-completed contexts. The visible result was the left column which contained many ‘narratives’ or contexts.

The ‘narrative’ column has been cleaned up and a right column has been added to several, but not all, narrative pages which are meant to contain events that affect and/or explain the narrative.

It should be noted that many, if not all, narratives need and will receive attention regarding content and presentation.

While I doubt that anyone is actually following this site, feedback is welcome for those who chance on these pages.

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