Story behind the so-called Khorasan Group

The Intercept has published an article, THE FAKE TERROR THREAT USED TO JUSTIFY BOMBING SYRIA, which details how the U.S. invented a so-called terror group and used their invention to justify bombing Syria.

The article details how U.S. media published articles describing a new previously unheard of Al Qaida spin-off that was supposed to be planning attacks on the U.S. homeland.

The article sketches the timeline on which various articles, citing anonymous U.S. officials, wove the narrative of a Khorasan Group that was supposed to be more dangerous than even ISIS. This ‘information’ was in turn used to justify bombing runs on Syria that were not approved of by either the U.S. Congress or the U.N.

The article then goes on to sketch how the ‘threat’ and the ‘group’ disappeared as ‘more nuanced information’ from officials retreating from previous assertions appeared.

At the time of the first mention of the Khorasan Group in news reports of the first U.S. bombing raids on Syria, LSW tried to check out their background on the Internet. The lack of any information about the group, other than that provided by ‘anonymous’ U.S. officials, raised the alarms.

Beep, beep, beep – and itch itch itch, the wool being pulled over the eyes itches. To make matters worse, all the news reports seemed to use the same narrative, almost down to verbatim similarities.

“…propaganda, all is phony” – Dylan

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