LSW Under Revision

LSW is in another fit of ‘upgrade process’. While the general idea behind LSW has remained stable – the presentation of context or narrative in which events can be placed in a manner that brings explanation and, dare we say, a smudge of enlightenment (no, we shan’t be so presumptive) – the form in which this grand vision should be manifested remained unclear.

It is possible that this revision will incorporate a working form which will prove viable. Time will tell.

The availability of labor has been scarce, due to the fact that LSW is a one person effort and the one person is not always bequeathed with enough energy to keep LSW up. Which is to say, sorry about the long absences. Not that the following is so large that substantial amounts of twittering has arisen among the masses clamoring for more LSW around the world. Stats reveal a max of five or six visits on a good day while the average hovers barely over 1.

Nonetheless, one carries on.

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