Richard Pryor on Netflix

Because the bastards at Netflix suddenly removed ‘Lost’ without warning and because i had finished the second season of ‘House of Cards’, much much better than the first season, and because ‘The Black Book’ by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk was driving me nuts,
I started looking for reasons Netflix had removed ‘Lost’

And lo and behold, while I never found the reason to that mystery, I did discover that they have a Richard Pryor performance from ’82. ‘Switched’ it on and about departed this sweet earth. Laughed so hard thought I was gonna give up the ghost.

I realize that most of you out there don’t have Netflix but if you are in the vicinity of someone who has it on their tv, find Pryor’s film and settle in for about 90 minutes of the most hilarious stuff you will ever see.

By the way, this is not an endorsement for Netflix which I intend to discontinue as soon as I am finished with the second season of ‘Orange is the New Black’. In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, ‘Orange…’, at least the first season, was stupendous t.v.

In the spirit of dishing out criticism, if Netflix is going to be a viable platform, it can’t be discontinuing series which people are engaged in without warning, long in advance.

While series like ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘Orange…’, and ‘House of Cards’ are good evidence for the contention that these series represent a new form of the creative spirit as was represented by the novel, Netflix had best get its act together. Inspiring audience loyalty by getting people hooked and then withdrawing the ‘dope’ without warning, is not a viable business model.

I now see that Richard Pryor is all over YouTube in fragments at least.

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