Links to New York Review of Books articles, yet to be resolved into LSW narratives

This post is meant to function as a to-do list for LSW. Information flows in at a rate hard to digest and assimilate into the narratives LSW attempts to provide as a way of maneuvering through current events.

Specifically, the New York Review of Books is an excellent source for background material. LSW’s attempts to assimilate the information contained in the Review’s articles are much delayed, Thus this to-do list.

Afghanistan – and England:
“Lessons from Afghanistan”, Rory Stewart, Englands invasions of Afghanistan in the 19th centure as examined in “The Dark Defile: Britain’s Catastrophic Invasion of Afghanistan, 1838–1842” by Diana Preston

Brazil: “In the Violent Favelas of Brazil”, Suketu Mehta

China and Central Asia: “Why, and What, You Should Know About Central Asia”, Ahmed Rashid

Egypt: “Egypt: The Misunderstood Agony”, Yasmine El Rashidi

Libya“Losing Libya’s Revolution”, Nicolas Pelham

Russia: “Putin’s Downhill Race”, Amy Knight

Science: “They’re Taking Over!”, Tim Flannery (the ‘they’ here are jellyfish)

Syria“Syria’s Refugees: The Catastrophe”, Hugh Eakin and Alisa Roth

Sudan and South Sudan: “The War Against the Nub”, Jeffrey Gettleman, “…the rebellion in the Nuba Mountains may be the most intractable. It is also the one causing the most intense violence and suffering right now. The Nuba rebel army, based within Sudan but with support from South Sudan, has been willing to fight far better equipped Sudanese government forces.”, from Gettleman’s article.

U.S.A. Health Care: “Obamacare: How It Should Be Fixed”, Arnold Relman

U.S.A. Obama at Large in the World: “Obama Abroad: The Report Card”, Joseph Lelyveld

U.S.A. Update on Attempt to Patent Genes:“The Genes You Can’t Patent”, Daniel J. Kevles

U.S.A. Political Conflagaration: “The Stranglehold on Our Politics”, Elizabeth Drew

U.S.A. Press: “The Deferential Spirit” – Joan Didion (on Bob Woodward and political pornograhy)

Written Word: “In the Court of a Monster”, Stanley Wells, on Hilary Mantel’s “Bring Up the Bodies”

Written Word: “Grief, Rage, Cognac, and a Computer”, Alan Hollinghurst, on “The Chemistry of Tears” by Peter Carey

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