New method for setting up LSW pages

The two new LSW pages (as of March 27, 2013) on Mali represent yet another scuffling attempt to make LSW more what I want. Which is…?

Narratives or contexts which can serve to frame the ‘news’ items of the day.

In this case, I took an article by Joshua Hammer in the New York Review of Books (a very informative and readable article) and tried to extracts digestible bits of information and place them in two pages, one about the course of events and one about the people and organizations involved.

LSW is supposed to serve as a reference where one can find information. While Hammer’s article is a joy to read and provides many more facts than does LSW, I have attempted to provide a framework for easily attaining an overview of, in this case, events in Mali.

As I have put into quotes everything from Hammer’s article and attributed all quotes to him, I assume I am not stealing material or trespassing on intellectual property rights.

As LSW is manifestly a not for profit operation, and at this point is not viewed by more than a couple or three people on a good day, one can be assured that my motives here are pure.

Whether or not I succeed is not at all clear.

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