Honduras – who is lobbying who on behalf of the coup leaders?

According to The New York Times, Honduras military coup, after the military coup that removed the legally elected president, Manuel Zelaya, the (illegal?) Micheletti government has labored to secure the support of lobbyists.

The Times says, “according to lobbying registration records, the campaign has involved law firms and public relations agencies with close ties to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator John McCain, a leading Republican voice on foreign affairs.” Some of these names are familiar from the Reagan war on Central America and include Otto Reich, Roger Noriega and Daniel W. Fisk, who have replaced their stated Communist enemies with the specter of Chavez and Cuba.

If memory serves, Mr. Reich was involved in the attempted coup of Chavez.

Then there is Larry Davis:
“It turns out that two of the Honduran coup government’s top advisers have close ties to the US secretary of state. One is Lanny Davis, an influential lobbyist who was a personal lawyer for President Bill Clinton and also campaigned for Hillary. G Gordon Liddy, the man who organised the infamous Watergate break-in in 1972, once said of his friend Davis: “He can defend the indefensible.” Davis is doing that quite well lately, testifying for the coup government at a congressional hearing last week, and spinning the media on their behalf.” Who’s in charge of US foreign policy? by Mark Weisbrot

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