IU basketball and world history

Those alumni folks are on their game, sending out invites to travel to Wash. D.C. to watch IU vs ‘Cuse a half an hour after the end of the Temple game. Hope there’s tons of IU fans in our nation’s capital.

I love that phrase, ‘in our nation’s whatever’. On the TV weather here in Norway they’re always talking about ‘in our country’. Jews, I discovered in an Amos Oz book, always talked about Israel as ‘the land’, a rhetorical maneuver that occupied the region before Menachem Begin had the glimmer of a bomb in his eye. Well done boys, and girls.

Ok, Ok, onward christian soldiers. hoping to receive some good game summaries and descriptions. My allowance of free views on Indystar.com has run out. The glass half full says IU fought hard and won while the glass half empty says they should’ve thrown Temple to the floor and stomped them by 25 points.

Well, I was thrilled when I could suddenly watch the game, after being locked out of NCAA March Madness viewing pleasure because I reside outside the 48 Continental and assorted islands and the like. Kind of followed scores in the first half but didn’t think I had the heart to follow it 100%. Chose to watch a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad instead. My wife gets so much into some of these things that she starts talking to the characters, telling them what to do and what not to do. and gets mad at them. I couldn’t take it anymore and checked the IU score and lo and behold I got to see Oladipo’s 3.

Sprang outta my chair and thanked god, all gods, didn’t matter to me which one. Praise the lord I yelled. Good thing my offspring is in Barcelona and didn’t witness this outburst from her father who she thinks is weird and old anyway.

And one of those lords whispered back, you’re welcome.

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