New LSW page on the fiscal cliff deal

A new LSW page looks at the deal Congress and the Obama administration reached to resolve the set of problems commonly called the ‘fiscal cliff’.

This overview does not include mention of the severe across the board budget cuts, the so-called sequester part of the agreement which was reached last year to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. Raising the debt ceiling is an issue which will be dealt with again in February 2013 at about the same time Congress will have to deal with the severe budget cuts from the previous debt ceiling deal or find a way around the sequester.

Congress can be seen as made up of a sprinkling of progressive Democrats, a mishmash of the normal strain of corporate Democrats seen at the end of the previous millennium and beginning of the present century, a few what had been normal conservative Republicans and a slew of tea-bag Republicans who don’t abide by the normal rules of American politics, meaning these radical shills for the wealthy will not involve themselves in any sort negotiations, preferring to act solely in the interests of their ultra-wealthy funders.

This is not a mix which will lead to any sort of improvement in American life in any sector, whether it be education, quality of life for any segment of the population other than the top 1%, health care, public safety and services, transportation and so on.

Although corporate interests have tended to dominate the concerns of Congress since say around Ronald Reagan, a few crumbs might have been seen to descend onto the population at large in previous years. These days, with the more or less complete take over of Washington and state governments by the corporate plutocracy and the establishment of a large group of politicians who are dedicated to transferring the wealth of the country into the hands of the 1%, little can be expected to emerge from the Congress which might be of some benefit to the humans living in the U.S.

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