For those interested in Spielberg’ film, “Lincoln” and/or in the man himself, two items among assuredly many others, may be of interest.

From The New York Review of Books, by David Bromwich, “How Close to Lincoln?, a detailed article with a wealth of information about the era, administration and man, in which the film is placed so as to enlighten the reader on both the film and the era.

As one who liked HBO’s version of playwright Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”, I was interested in his participation in “Lincoln”.

One can start with the Wikipedia page on Kushner. Kushner is a fascinating fellow with a diverse background, including “criticism of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians and of the increased religious extremism in Israeli politics and culture” that aroused the ire of what Wikipedia calls the American Jewish community. LSW somehow doubts that the term American Jewish community is precise enough to only include those who may actually have a problem with Kushner. Rightly or wrongly, LSW automatically tends to like someone who evokes the ire of the more reactionary side of the American Jewish community, a disposition that only adds to LSW’s appreciation of his work.

Bill Moyers has a very interesting interview with Kushner that is well worth a listen, especially for his take on Lincoln and the era and writing the script for the movie.

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