Juan Cole on Gen. Petraeus and Afghanistan and Iraq

Juan Cole says that Petraeus’s dalliance and whatever Gen. John Allen, US commander in Afghanistan was up to or not up to pales in comparison to the failing U.S. project in Afghanistan where the
“Taliban are raiding into the Bamyan area of the Shiite Hazaras with impunity because the Afghan government has not sent any of its 200,000 troops there to protect them”,and the EU has suspended aid to the corrupt Karzai government. In addition, U.S. veterans of the conflict in Afghanistan contend with addiction and PTSD.

Amy Goodman interviewed Juan Cole on Democracy Now. The topic of the interview was the title of the interview, Real Petraeus Failure Was Counterinsurgency in Iraq, Afghanistan. Cole goes into why the surge (Petraeus’s counter-insurgency strategy) in Afghanistan failed as well as the failure of Petraeus’s surge in Iraq.

Extremely interesting interview. He brings the Project for a New American Century into the picture. The PNAC, a group of neo-cons deeply entrenched in the W. Bush administration, were driven by a vision of the U.S. becoming an empire on the order of the old British Empire with the capability of invading with impunity the Global South, an act which crashed and burned after they managed to prompt Bush (God told me to invade Iraq)into following their vision.

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