US 2012 Election Results

Republican efforts to suppress the vote and thus steal the election in 2012 failed. Obama won a second term and returns on ballot initiatives around the country, along with the election of women and an openly gay woman, Baldwin from Wisconsin, and the dismissal (see results in Indiana and Missouri) of old Republican wanna be Senatorial white guys who kept stepping on their genitals by talking about rape of women as something reasonable in their God’s kingdom, would seem to indicate that the U.S. is displaying a glimmer of a desire to join the modern secular world.

A list of encouraging results from ballot initiatives would include:

  • In California Jerry Brown’s initiative to add taxes for the purpose of funding education using a 0.25% increase in sales tax and increasing income tax on incomes over $250,000.
  • Revises California’s Three Strike law making it somewhat less severe.
  • Colorado and Washington state legalized the recreational use of marijuana
  • Maine and Maryland legalize same sex marriage

For more on these two issues, see this ABC story among many more.

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