Libya- interesting view from Johan Galtung

Points of interest from an article by Johan Galtung entitled ‘ The West’s War against Gaddafi’:

  • Regarding the UN resolusjon om Libya, the trio of Britain, France and the US represent less than a half billion people, while the five countries that abstained – Brazil, China, Germany, Russia and India – represent a half of humankind. Two of the countries, China and India, are members of the SCO,  Shanghai Copoperation Organization, and Brazil is the largest country in South America.
  • Looking at NATO, Islam and SCO, it will be with the support of Islam that the world will be steered. NATO is now at war with four Islamic countries, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Libya.
  • This NATO action has confirmed the scary monster picture of countries who colonized Africa, England, France and Italy.
  • While it is a self-evident truth that one should not stand idly and watch a leader brutally attack his people, it should be noted that President Obama has fired more rockets than all the other Peace Price winners together (Galtung citing an unnamed person on NPR).
  • The fingering of one person, Gaddafi, as the source of evil fits into a pattern which includes Milosevich, bin Laden, and Hussein, which Galtung says is a paradox since the west created the idea of a social contract with the people which can be altered, and yet the west choses to focus on one person.
  • In Serbia the aims of the military actions included targeting the bombing of state-owned facilities, not private facilities, opening control of natural resources to international concerns, establishing the giant military base Camp Bondsteel. The west’s military actions used  depleted uranium and cluster bombs. We don’t know if these weapons are being used in Libya (and LSW dearly hopes they are not being used).
  • While the rebels are certainly legitimate opponents og Gaddafi, they will no doubt be grateful and allow direct investments in oil and a military base or two, which the US has long wanted to positon in Africa.
  • There are millions in Libya who dislike Gaddafi but maybe just as many who like what he has achieved. The west might become a victim of its one person-one land doctrine and commit yet another long, tragic crime against humanity.

As LSW stated, interesting things to consider.

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