An Informative Wrinkle on the Raymond Davis case

FireDogLake adds an interesting twist to the story of the CIA “consultant”, ex-Special Ops, former Blackwater yahoo who killed two people on a street in Lahore, Pakistan.

Davis evidently shot two men, and a following car (following whom LSW is not clear over) veered off and killed another person. And the wife of one of the two men killed herself.

Davis may or may not have diplomatic immunity. He was evidently issued some sort of diplomatic passport or visa (the details of which are unclear) and, it is claimed is immune from prosecution in non-U.S. territory. Not sure what kind of diplomatic immunity allows for murder. But the U.S. since W. and the Prince of Darkness former V.P. of torture have neither acknowledged international laws nor been held responsible for possible violations of international and U.S. domestic law.
FDL says:

“Varying reports mention a GPS tracker, a GPS navigation system or a phone tracker, along with a telescope and digital cameras said to have photos of “sensitive” locations. In a very interesting development, we learn from multiple sources that on Thursday Pakistan successfully test-fired its Hatf VII cruise missile, which it also calls “Babur”. When the Express Tribune first reported that Davis’ victims were from the intelligence community (which ISI has since denied and threatened the paper with legal action), the Washington Post followed up by mentioning that Davis was trailed and confronted because he had “crossed a red line“. Was gathering information on the impending test firing of the Babur missile that red line?”

This thing is shrouded in mumbojumbo about war, CIA machinations inside of Pakistan etc etc. Sometimes this jerk (sorry, but who commits murder on a street and then claims diplomatic immunity, and besides, having worked for Blackwater permanently stains his name) is cast in the W. mode of protecting ‘us’ (by some moronic turn of logic murdering people in Pakistan is termed an act of U.S. homeland security) and sometimes he is seen as stupid cowboy.

President Obama said that the Geneva Conventions says that ‘our’ diplomats in another country are not subject to that country’s prosecution. Talking about the audacity of hope! The U.S. explicitly violated the Geneva Conventions in order to torture people and claimed that the U.S. need not heed the Geneva Conventions. And now wants to invoke the protection of the Geneva Conventions. Audacity.

For an ‘entertaining’ informative discussion of the Raymond Davis case, the reader might want to listen to this On Point segment.
with Tom Ashbrook.

Has all the makings of spy thriller but one would think that the U.S. might be capable of attempting to improve humanity’s lot rather than in engaging in decayng old cowboy spy narratives. But that might be too audacious to hope for.

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