Egypt Feb. 4 – Israel Creates Theater

On two occasions of late Israel has created a bit of theatre around the uprising in Egypt. Last weekend, Netanyahu told Israeli ambassadors in a dozen key capitals to impress on host governments that Egypt’s stability is paramount, Reuters writes.

While this attempt to influence western governments to somehow control events in Egypt seems somewhat absurd on the surface, it does raise the notion of who is affecting what behind the scenes.

From the same article:

“If Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is toppled, Israel will lose one of its very few friends in a hostile neighborhood and President Barack Obama will bear a large share of the blame, Israeli pundits said on Monday.”

The name of the article, by the way is “Israel shocked by Obama’s “betrayal” of Mubarak”. Shocked, just shocked. Makes one recall an old song by Husker Du , thank you Bob Mould:

“All these crazy mixed up lies
And floating all around
Making these assumptions brings me down

And you get tight lipped
How do I know what you think
Is it something I said when I lost my mind?
My temper too quick, makes me blind

I apologize, I apologize
I apologize, I apologize
Said I’m sorry
(Said I’m sorry now)”

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