Deficit hawk hypocrites

The deficit hawks are clamoring for reduced spending in exchange for voting for raising the debt ceiling (which if not done, would effectively shut down the government and cause major economic turmoil around the world).

Among the congressional brethren raising this hue and cry are folks who voted for deficit raising bills. Baseline Scenario looks at one of the leading advocates of spending cuts and finds (quoting the whole post):

“Eric Cantor, House Republican Majority Leader, said the Republicans will demand spending cuts in exchange for the votes necessary to raise the debt ceiling.

Eric Cantor, member of Congress, voted for:

The 2001 tax cut
The 2003 tax cut
The 2003 Medicare prescription drug benefit
The 2010 tax cut
In other words, of the big five budget-busting measures of the past decade, the only one he didn’t vote for was the 2009 stimulus. In other words, he had the opportunity to vote for $3.1 trillion of the 2011 debt, and he voted for 75 percent, or $2.3 trillion — just like most Republicans who were in Congress for those five votes.”

Read the more extended post to further enrich your understanding.

The contents of this post is reflected in changes made to the deficit page.

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