Obama Appoints GE chairman as top economic advisor

It would seem that Obama, by naming GE chairman to be his top economic advisor, is moving to further consolidate his position as leading defacto Republican presidential candidate. LSW thinks it would be more effective to simply declare outright what his actions in effect are declaring, that the difference between mainstream Dems and the slightly less daft part of the Republican party, if they exist, is slim to nonexistent and that he is the presidential representative of the one dominating U.S. party, the corporate party.

From Democracy Now:

“President Obama has publicly introduced General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt as his new top economic adviser. Immelt will head the newly formed President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, which takes the place of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board led by Paul Volcker. On Friday, Obama said Immelt would drive the administration’s stated goal of creating jobs. ,,,

Immelt’s appointment has come under scrutiny on multiple fronts. He’ll retain his position at the helm of GE, creating a potential conflict of interest. As one of the nation’s largest corporations, GE has a variety of business and issues before the federal government, including media mergers, military sales, environmental cleanup, and a $16.1 billion bailout in 2008. And while Obama has touted Immelt’s mission to create jobs, the United Electrical Workers Union says GE has closed 29 plants in the United States in the past two years, laying off around 3,000 workers.”

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