Juan Cole on ‘Horrible Things Done to Us by Lieberman’

On the occasion of the great news that Joe Lieb will not be running for office in 2012, Juan Cole has published an article about the “Top Ten Horrible Things done to Us by Outgoing Sen. Joe Lieberman”

The list includes:

  • reviving techniques with Lynn Cheney to harass/initmidate university professors who had the temerity to attempt to explain al-Qaeda’s rise using historical and/or political contexts. (LSW: How dare they, J-Lieb , the representative from the dark ages, seemed to be saying.)
  • revived the infamous ‘Committe on the Present Danger’ ” to fight the anti-war movement and keep the US in Iraq, as well as to promote war on Iran.”
  • prevented passage of a single-payer option universal health care law by voting with the Republicans, (thus stabbing ordinary people in the back and garnishing his wages from Big Med – LSW’s words).
  • called Israel’s attack on Gaza ‘self-defense’. (LSW, just as he called himself a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or whatever. J-Lieb is obviously of the persuassion that words have no meaning
  • called for Wikeleaks founder, Assange, to be prosecuted for espionage and the NY Times to be prosecuted for publishing leaked U.S. State Dept. cables. (LSW: Jo-Lieb ever the defender of free speech)
  • worked hard to initiate a war against Iraq on false premises as well as urging aggressive actions against Iran (LSW: J-Lieb, ever the assiduous worker for peace except when the objects of aggression are Muslims)
  • Jumped from the Dems to the Republicans and worked to make Sarah Palin the U.S. Vice-President. (LSW: no surprise there, always advancing inhumane confused politicans/politics)

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