A tiny little bit of gun control following the Arizona shootings?

Dream on.

CNN/Fortune explains why gun control is not doable in the U.S. of A. in an article entitled “Why there’s no more debate on gun control”.

While the Arizona shootings have initiated renewed discussion of gun control,

” the chatter for the most part has so far ignored a curious fact: in Congress, the arena where any new restrictions would be decided, the debate effectively ended years ago.”

The NRA (National Rifle Association) enjoys so much Congressional support that any efforts towards enacting gun control legislation can easily be vetoed by the gun lobby.

The NRA is extremely effective, has an active membership, and are “are one of the smartest organizations politically, and they have a very narrow and focused agenda,” says Jim Kessler, who worked on the 1994 assault rifle ban as an aide to Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and then as research director at Americans for Gun Safety.

The Democrats are also responsible for the power of the NRA.

“But Democratic party leaders also made a conscious decision, mid-decade, to cede the argument to gun rights advocates in an effort to win back rural voters and rebuild their governing coalition. Schumer and then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), who led the Senate and House Democratic political arms heading into the 2006 midterms, purposefully recruited candidates in the South and West who bucked party orthodoxy on social issues — including the triumvirate of concerns commonly tagged “God, guns, and gays.””

The strategy worked in so far as the Dems won both Chambers in 2006 and 2008 but half of those Dem recruits were given the boot in 2010.

While Obama’s election victory may have raised hopes that efforts to promote more gun control would be become winnable Congressional issues, President Obama has not mentioned it.

The article contains more information on gun control than has been cited here. Worth a read.

As is an interview on the KPFA program ‘Letters and Politics’, with Kristin Rand of the Violence Policy Center. She brings in interesting points, such as Clinton’s act of blaming the 94 election defeat on passing the assault weapons ban, which he used as a scapegoat for losing the Congress in 94 when there were other factors at work, such as his healthcare reform fiasco. In addition, the NRA was adept at taking credit for the 94 election results, thus strengthening their image.

Rand points to the NRA’s ardent opposition to Obama during the 08 election to prove that their power is a myth. Their political power to defeat candidates is vastly overblown, but it is still believed on the Hill and so it is impossble for all intents and purposes to move gun control legislation.

For those who wonder why tragedies involving guns never result in stricter gun control, this article and this interview should serve to enlighten.

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