With new appointees President Obama makes it official

President Obama appointed JPMorgan Exec William Daley to be his chief of staff and former Goldman Sachs consultant Gene Sperling to head the National Economic Council.

Daley is current Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s brother (Richard is leaving office and Obama’s last chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is running for that office), was Commerce Secretary under President Clinton, and was an architect of the North American Free Trade agreement, is the Midwest chair of J.P. Morgan Chase and Bank One Corp. was named in 2001 President of SBC Communications Inc. to help reform the company’s image and currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Boeing, Merck & Co., Boston Properties, Inc., and Loyola University Chicago, and maybe on and on and on.

During Bill Clinton’s first term Sperling served as deputy director of the National Economic Council while the Council was directed by Robert Rubin and eventually became director of the Council. Wikipedia says:

“As director of the NEC. Sperling was a principal negotiator with then-Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers of the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Gramm-Leach-Bliley repealed large portions of the depression-era Glass-Stegall Act allowing banks, securities firms and insurance companies to merge.[3] President Barack Obama believes that the repeal of Glass-Steagall helped cause the 2007 subprime mortgage financial crisis.[4]”

The Financial Modernization Act of 1999 (Gramm-Leach Act) decimates the division between the investment and commercial banks put in place after the Great Recession in the form of Glass-Steagall Act. The Clinton administration worked to allow the financial services industry roam free through deregulations and thus created the beginning of the financial crisis and recession of 2008.

These two appointees are Republicans in Democrat clothes. With these appointments Obama is now declaring that he in effect is a Republican and should therefore, perhaps, declare himself thus and run for President in 2012 as a Republican. Those Democrats who are also corporate politicians should move over to the Republican Party. The tea bag Republicans would then be free to stay the course or form their own party – the International Republican Tea Bag Party, reconstituted is a possible name.

The Democratic Party would then be left, in theory, with non-corporate politicians, or politicians more focused on the needs of the citizens as opposed to the needs of corporations.

And President Obama would thus cement his legacy by creating a clarity in U.S. politics previously lacking, allowing the voting public to vote on the representatives who actually represent them.

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