U.S. and Israel – Juan Cole on Economic Sanctions

Juan Cole suggests in a post, “Obama Should Let the UN apply Economic Sanctions to Israel”, that the U.S./Obama allow the U.N. apply economic sanctions on Israel by not voting in the Security Council on Israel related resolutions.

Israel’s far right-wing government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has “slapped President Obama in the face with mail gloves by refusing to extend the freeze on new colonies in the Palestinian West Bank.” Likewise, Obama (had he been so inclined) is stymied from cutting financial or military support to Israel.

One long quote should stir the reader to read Cole’s entire post:

“But there is one thing Obama has in his control. He can instruct the US ambassador to the UN to abstain from United Nations Security Council resolutions on Israel. Obama could simply let the UNSC be the body that forces Israel into accepting a two-state solution.

Israel is already in profound contravention of numerous UNSC resolutions, with regard to their refashioning of Jerusalem, treatment of Occupied Palestinians, the Gaza blockade, etc.

The UN Security Council should start giving Israel the Iran treatment, putting economic sanctions on it until it complies with international law and with UNSC resolutions.”

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