Analysis of Israel’s new government coalition

From Former Member of Knesset Uri Avneri, leader of Gush Shalom and Israel’s most respected peace activist, published in Tikkun. A sample from the article:

“As far as the most important matter is concerned, there is complete unanimity. 

Liberman, Netanyahu, Barak, Ellie Yishai of Shas and Danny Hershkovitz of the 
“Jewish Home” party are in total agreement about the Palestinians. All of them 
agree on the need to prevent the establishment of a real Palestinian state. All of 
them agree not to talk with Hamas. All of them support the settlement enterprise. 
During Barak’s stint as Prime Minister, the settlements grew even faster than 
during Netanyahu’s tenure. Liberman is himself a settler, Hershkovitz’s party 
represents the settlers. All of them believe that there is no need for peace, that 
peace is bad for us. (After all, it was Barak, not Netanyahu or Liberman, who 
coined the phrase “We Have No Partner for Peace”.) ”

An insightful essay which also provides a good deal of background which was previously unknown to me, an admittedly fairly ‘uneducated’ observer of Israeli affairs.

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