USA mid-term ‘we are mad and we are taking back our country’ elections 2010

By God, we are mad and we are taking back our country. Who we are taking it back from is a bit unclear. But what the hell, it sounds good. From big government I guess is the idea. From too many regulations, just let the federal government stand to the side and let our businesses prosper. Yes siree, buddy, never mind that the lack of regulations and people to enforce what regulations that existed, allowed Wall Street to steal all your money, dude, what the hell.

Sounds good, smaller government.Trim the deficit, balance the budget. Right on, Tea Party guys and gals. You didn’t have much health care you could count on before so I guess you can just as well go back to that. The Republicans and Tea Party in Congress have great health care coverage so they don’t give a whoop that their voters will get sick and pass on as they try to get in to a hospital.

And never mind that the banks weren’t lending money from before and that the customers weren’t spending and that the Federal government is the spender of last resort – we don’t need no government to spend, we the people who are broke will fix the damn thing.

So, because the brains in the Obama administration did not have the intellectual chops or moral backbone to demand a ‘stimulus’ bill of sufficient size and not including tax cuts that don’t work to stimulate the economy, and because health care reform and financial reform was done behind closed doors, in consort with the financial and health care insurance industries, and because the CEO’s in both industries and laughing all the way to the ‘bank’ with their ever increasing bonuses, created anger in the country and offered no political expression for that anger, the very same people who have benefited from the financial crisis and people’s misery, the rich in the very industries always called ‘Big’ this or ‘Big’ that have bankrolled a political ‘movement’ which allows the angry to politically vent.

Only in the U.S. of A. can the thieves get the people to support the very political actors who support them and their thievery. The financial backers behind the so-called Tea Party have organized the anger of the people to support the politicos who back the guys with the money and who will continue stealing the future from the Tea Bags and everyone else with to the acclaim of the Tea Bags. It is a great country.


PROPOSITION 19 – California (source for information

Would allow people age 21 and older to grow, transport and possess marijuana for personal use. It also would permit local governments to regulate and tax its commercial production and sale.

Many leaders both north and south of the Mexico-U.S. border have lobbied for the decriminalization or legalization of the use of various substances gathered under the term ‘narcotic’, marijuana being among the biggies. The contention behind these efforts is that the struggle for control of the drug trade is a prime mover behind Mexico’s ‘drug wars’ and profits from said trade provide the means for undermining governmental authority.

In addition, taxes levied on the drug trade could amount to a substantial amount.

UPDATE: California Proposition 19 lost 44 – 56. Marijuana recreational use will not be legal in the state; from

PROPOSITION 23 – California (same source as above)

Also known as the Suspend AB 32, the Global Warming Act of 2006, it would halt provisions within AB 32 that place restrictions on greenhouse-gas emissions within the state.

Read/listen to a Democracy Now report:

“Environmental Groups Confront Oil Industry-Backed Attempt to Repeal California’s Landmark Emissions Law in Prop 23
We turn to Proposition 23, a ballot initiative that would effectively repeal California’s landmark global warming emissions law. Two Texas oil companies with refineries in California, the Valero and Tesoro corporations, launched a campaign to suspend implementation of the law until state unemployment falls to 5.5 percent for at least one year. We speak to the leaders of two environmental organizations opposed to Proposition 23: Michael Brune of Sierra Club and Rebecca Tarbotton of Rainforest Action Network.”

UPDATE: California Prop. 23 suffers ‘massive defeat’. For perspectives on this Prop. and the election results with regard to energy policy, see.

California chose a former governor, a Democrat, once known as Moonbeam I believe, but that was decades ago, over a rich Republican, and reupped Barbara Boxer to continue as Senator, dismissing another rich Republican candidate.

Now in Florida, the citizens chose Rick Scott who, according to Wikipedia:

“helped found the Columbia Hospital Corporation with two business partners; this merged with Hospital Corporation of America in 1989 to form Columbia/HCA and eventually became the largest private for-profit health care company in the U.S. He was forced to resign as Chief Executive of Columbia/HCA in 1997 amid a scandal over the company’s business and Medicare billing practices; the company ultimately admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million”

Way to go Florida, this will certainly take our country back. Elect known criminals who used your health care insurance to commit fraud on the Federal government. Another good reason to not pay taxes I guess, they just get stolen anyway.

And in Florida, Marco Rubio wins the Florida senate seat. For a brief view of the rookie Senator, I quote the American Independent in full:

“Senator-elect Marco Rubio (R) will head to Israel Sunday, reports Israeli news site Ynetnews.

More from the site:

With victory in the congressional elections less than a day old, Florida Senator Marco Rubio (Rep.) who considers himself a ‘Tea Party’ member, is set to arrive in Israel on Sunday. Rubio’s visit so soon after the election win is a move that strengthens assessments that the congress in its current form will continue where it left off – at least where Israel is concerned.

Rubio gave a speech on Israel in June to the Republican Jewish Coalition “about the need for the United States to stand with Israel without equivocation or hesitation,” criticizing the Obama administration’s handling of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

He also called on the U.S. to move its embassy to Jerusalem and said that the U.S. should not push Israel to a settlement freeze before negotiations. Like America, he said that Israel was an “exceptional” nation.

Neoconservatives loved it. Jennifer Rubin of Commentary called it the best speech on Israel “since George W. Bush went to the Knesset.”

His belief that the U.S. should support Israel unequivocally puts him squarely with Republican Party’s foreign-policy thinking on Israel.”

So, the same backward political and economic support for Israel which underpins terrorism and chaos in the Middle East and underpins the construed need for two wars and the use of trillions of dollars (budget be damned, we gotta track down these terrorists and get ’em dead or alive, where’s W. when you need him?), will be aided by this fellow.Good way to send a message to Washington or whoever. You can count on us to destroy our own country by creating reasons to turn over large parts of our treasury to the weapons and offense industries.

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