U.S. 2010 Elections and Climate Change

California Prop. 23 is defeated. See this interesting take on the effects of the Prop. 23 defeat.

For example:

“Proponents and opponents of the ballot initiative alike say that what happened in California will set the stage for a much larger national movement. ….

President Barack Obama predicted yesterday that he could find common ground with Republican leaders on energy policy, including boosting natural gas exploration, nuclear energy and the development of electric cars, but political analysts predicted an era of fights, compromises and smaller thinking….

Cain noted that if California’s anti-global warming regulations are successful, they could serve as a model for the nation – eventually. It took two decades for federal regulators to follow the Golden State’s clean-air regulations.
Nevertheless, those behind the defeat say Prop. 23’s loss will be a wake up call to federal legislators that people, irrespective of party affiliation, support clean energy and a new green economy. Congress failed to pass national cap-and-trade legislation earlier this year that would have placed a ceiling on carbon emissions produced by refiners and energy companies.”

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