Glimmers of hope regarding American-Israeli relations observed

Given the paucity of glimmers of hope regarding Israel’s barbaric conduct and the usually impenetrable fortress of blind American support for such behavior, one wishes to set off bells and whistles when even a slight parting of the bleakness appears as in Glenn Greenwald’s Salon column of March 9.

Greenwald’s column draws attention to Roger Cohen’s latest columns in the New York Times which contain shockingly, given their publication in the American press, and welcome, clear eyed views of Israel, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as an informative survey of progressive responses to and analyses of the smear campaign initiated by a sampling of the usual suspects in response to Obama’s appointment of Charles Freeman to the post of director of the National Intelligence Council.

Are there over so slight breezes of change caressing the barriers protecting American support for Israel?

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