“Where’s the outrage”

Read/listen to this Democracy Now report, “6 Months Since BP Oil Spill, Writer and Environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams Asks “Where Is Our Outrage?”.

“We know that [ 362] miles were oiled in four states, 400 species of animals threatened from this, 400 controlled burns that killed hundreds of sea turtles and untold numbers of dolphins and sea mammals. We’re told that it’s over, that the story is gone, as is the oil. And what I can tell you in reflecting over six months is that the oil is not gone. The people are still there, and they’re getting sicker and sicker.”, Terry Williams.

She speaks of the people she talked with for example, “And then she proceeded to tell stories, that in Cajun country they’ve always viewed themselves as rich, that the bounty is from the waters, that as long as you had rice, beans and bread and had a chicken neck that you could throw into the bayou, you were wealthy. Just a few weeks ago, I received a note from Becky, who’s become a good friend. She said, “We’re starving, Terry. There are no fish in the waters. And any fish we would see, we would not eat.”

And further, we are not hearing the stories of what is happening,

“These are the stories that are coming out of the Gulf. These are the stories that we’re not hearing from the media. I think about a group of women in gated communities in Alabama, just off of Mobile Bay, Orange Beach. These women took the situation into their own hands, because no one was responding. They had water samples taken, four, from very wealthy areas. The fourth one on Dauphin Island blew up and was deemed inconclusive. These women—Robin Young, a captain, Lori DeAngelis and her husband Mike—their blood tests came back high in cadmium and benzene. They’ve had chemically induced pneumonia. These are the stories, again, that we’re not hearing.”

People are getting sick from the oil in the water. BP workers removing oil from the water, the Obama administration’s untrue portrayal of the situation, the dispersants:

“JUAN GONZALEZ: You also talk about those workers and the boat captains that are still working for BP and some of the illnesses that they’re being exposed to, and also that their clothes are being confiscated while at same time BP is telling them that they probably just have dermatitis?

TERRY TEMPEST WILLIAMS: That’s right. The doctors don’t even know how to treat these diseases that are coming forward. “

“We walked down the beach several miles to the Gulf Island National Seashore, again what seemed to be white pristine beaches. There had just been a thunderstorm. It was this eerie color of the water again. You half-expected the water to burst into flames with lightning strikes. Just then, a BP bus pulled up. Thirty workers, some of them in hazmat suits. We started talking to them, saying, “Well, it doesn’t look like there’s oil here.” Two of the workers, African American men in their twenties, smiled and said, “Can we tell you that we just took out 2,000 pounds last night? We work from dusk to dawn under the cover of darkness.””

“Upper right-hand corner of the New York Times, you know, remember the article that said most of the oil is gone, 80 percent. You remember a week later, Carole Browner of the Obama administration said 75 percent gone, poof, Mother Nature is doing her job. What I can tell you is that as we flew out to the Gulf to what they call “the source” to see the Deepwater Horizon rigs, for as far as we could see, for as wide as we could see, for as long as we could bear it, oil. All we could see was oil. I mean, it’s just—I wonder, where is our outrage? And I was saying to Tom, this brilliant pilot, you know, that must have made twenty, thirty, forty flights at his own expense, “Why isn’t this story being told?” And he was saying that most of what we’ve heard has been shore-based knowledge. I mean, there were rivers of oil as wide as the Mississippi itself. Stunning. When I asked him what has stayed in his mind most in terms of his witnessing, he said that when they were burning the oil off the surface of the sea, he remembers on the edge of the flames seeing a pod of dolphins, side by side by side by side, watching, simply watching the ocean burn.”

Where is the outrage? For that matter, where is the outrage for the theft of Americans money and future by people on Wall Street who are raking in even larger bonuses now? Where is the outrage for the decimation of public services as the Federal government directs money away from local communities? In France, the government tried so increase the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62 and meets ferocious resistance in the streets. In the U.S. people join quasi-political movements funded by billionaires, the same people who are stealing their future. Where is the future for this country without outrage?

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