Will the new Republicans in Congress try to impeach Obama?

The title of this post got your attention I would wager. In a sober New York Review of Books article, “The Elections: How Bad for Democrats?”, Michael Tomasky details the relative prospects for Democrats and Republicans in the midterm U.S. elections in November 2010.

LSW uses the adjective ‘sober’ in order to emphasize that when he writes:

“In a morbid sort of way, it will be fascinating to see what will happen in a Congress populated by so many people keen to join it because they despise it. Whatever emerges, one thing is not in doubt: if the Republicans win the House, they will launch a series of investigations into the Obama administration, quite possibly leading to another impeachment drama.”,

this not the ravings of some sort of nut but a statement firmly planted in a view of the U.S. that is accepted by many.

An enlightening article for those caring to tip a toe into the details of U.S. politics in 2010. Some quotes will suffice:

“The most damaging actual effect of such an outcome, one few people have focused on yet, is that once Republicans gain the chairmanships of House committees, they will begin launching investigation after investigation into the Obama administration, for example on charges that the Justice Department has shown racial favoritism in refusing to prosecute the New Black Panther Party of Philadelphia for alleged electoral irregularities. These will have little or no meaningful basis in fact but will attempt to distract the administration from its policy objectives, make it look dirty, and with any luck catch a big fish on the hook of perjury or obstruction of justice. (Look for the theme of “Chicago-style thuggery,” which was bandied about here and there earlier but never quite caught on outside the right-wing echo chamber, to reemerge.) The Republicans play to win.”

He poses the question of how Obama got to this state of affairs and lays out some answers, such as the opposition party always wins seats in midterm elections, the economy obviously and adds that the Geithner and Summers actually thought the economy would come around and he examines some specific races from historical demographic perspectives and he examines races where the Democrat is the incumbent and should be heavily favored and is not:

  • Patty Murray, Washington state
  • Russ Feingold in Wisconsin, neck and neck with Ron Johnson backed by the Tea Party
  • Sam Granato, Utah probably losing to Mike Lee
  • Michael Bennett, Colorado, neck and neck with Ken Buck
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Read, Nevada, neck and neck with Sharron Angle who has received 14 million dollars in campaign contributions from people apparantly too afraid to publicly donate to her and hiding behind the Supreme Court ruling that allows contributions to be unnamed
  • Republican Rand Paul  has a two digit lead over the Democrat Jack Conway

One of Tomasky’s main points is the manner in which the Republicans always manage to drape themselves in patriotism and paint the Democrats as elitist and anti-American. He lays out a thorough look at the parties’ use of symbols and belief systems and whatnot. It is an interesting take, although LSW generally tends to see one corporate party posing as two distinctly separate parties with separate political views and beliefs.  The Obama health care reform was a godsend to the health care insurance industry as was the financial reform legislation in relation to the financial service sector. In addition, there is no one Democrat party. Blue dogs and their ilk could just as well  be Republicans.

The mention of possible impeachment comes in the middle of a review of what to expect from the likes of Min. Rep. Michelle Bachman who has said “Oh, I think that’s all we should do. I think that all we should do is issue subpoenas…”

“Republicans would deny that impeachment is ultimately on their minds. But why wouldn’t it be? They have shown repeatedly that they play to their base, and much of their base already believes that Obama is probably not an American citizen and therefore is an illegitimate president. In a Harris Poll from March, 24 percent of Republicans even agreed that Obama “may be the Antichrist.” “

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