U.S.A. Campaign Finance update

Here are background and updates on the flood of money overwhelming what is left of American democracy, which might be renamed corporate democracy or corporate kleptocracy. The ‘what is left of American democracy’ phrase relates to what had become the status quo in the U.S. of A. as a result of the corporate financing of political campaigns and of the corporate lobby influence on the elaboration of legislation. After the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case (only in the U.S. can ‘Citizens United’ not refer to a political movement of the people, or to, at a minimum, a soccer team, but to a corporate entity, thus destroying not only the democratic processes but the language itself, turning war into peace and corporations into people other than when the corporations are to be held responsible for their actions), which allows corporations to contribute an unlimited amount of money to groups who redirect money to influence voting on political issues and elections.

The following articles, two from the Center for Responsive Politics/OpenSecrets.org and one from the Center for Public Integrity, plus one from the Washington Post. Read them and weep.

Republican Allies Pour Money Into Ads Targeting 50-60 House Races

Campaign Cash: The Independent Fundraising Gold Rush Since ‘Citizens United’ Ruling

Independent Groups Set Record Pace for Outside Spending in a Midterm Election

And WaPo (Wasington Post) as a representative for the take of mainstream media.
GOP candidates surge ahead in fundraising

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